Can Chlorophyll Help To Reduce Body Odor?

Chlorophyll has been known for many years to have numerous benefits to people.  This organic compound is renown for it’s blood building and oxygen enriching properties.  It’s used as an antibacterial as well as an antioxidant source.  It’s thought to remove pimples, improve skin quality and boost organ function.  Perhaps most interesting of all is that chlorophyll also serves as a natural deodorant.

Since the 1950s, doctors have known about chlorophyll’s ability to absorb and eliminate smelly odors.  They first gave it to patients as a way to alleviate fecal and urine odor.  Eventually it made its way into the commercial sector as a way to fight everyday body odor and bad breath.  First used in common products like gums, sprays and powders it proved not as effective due to the dosage requirements needed.  Eventually, chlorophyll would be available as a dietary supplement in the form of a tablet or liquid in concentrated amounts.  Because 100-300mg is needed per day to achieve effective deodorizing effects, chlorophyll supplements provide the best means of delivery.

Chlorophyll deals with odor in a different manner than conventional deodorant products.  Whereas a typical stick or spray targets surface bacteria and sweat, chlorophyll targets odor compounds from inside the body.  Essentially body odor is caused by various acids and organic compounds produced by the body,  bacteria, food and various other sources.  Chlorophyll is able to absorb these odor compounds and neutralize them.

In terms of safety, the use of chlorophyll has no known side effects or health risks.  In fact, as previously mentioned, it is quite healthy for you in many different ways.  It is taken from plants and contains no artificial ingredients.  Using chlorophyll is often compared to eating a lot of vegetables.  While true in a very basic sense, chlorophyll supplements provide a much more concentrated dose which is more easily absorbed into the body.


Does Food Make Your Breath Stink?

Food is one of the great joys in life.  A great meal can be the epitome of happiness in a long week, however take caution; what you eat can have an adverse effect on how your breath smells.  Many foods that we enjoy are packed with all sorts of compounds and organic materials.  One to be wary of is sulfide compounds, or otherwise known as volatile sulfur compounds.  These stinky particles are found in abundance in foods like steaks, hamburgers, seafood, eggs, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions and the list goes on and on.  Naturally we would NEVER dream of removing these delicious items from the menu, but it might be worth watching how much of them you eat on regular basis.

Sulfur compounds are a major reason of bad breath.  They are not only contained in certain foods, but are also produced by bacteria that live in your mouth.  As you’d expect, these compounds have a strong odor of rotten eggs.  As our bodies digest food, nutrients, vitamins and these compounds get released and absorbed into the body.  They make their way through our blood stream and get into organs such as the lungs.  As you breath, they are released from the mouth.

Another more obvious manner in which food can affect breath odor is that as you eat, tiny morsels get stuck in your mouth.  Bacteria feed on these leftover scraps and produce waste by products in the form of sulfur compounds.

Reducing breath odor can be a difficult challenge.  Brushing your teeth temporarily takes care of bad breath causes, but it rarely lasts the entire day.  Gums and mints can help to alleviate the issue as well, but be careful of those products which are high in sugar.  Sugar and disrupt the pH balance of the mouth which can increase bad breath.  Chlorophyll supplements are a great breath freshener alternative.  Because they are designed to absorb odor compounds such as sulfur, it works great on internal causes of bad breath.


Aluminum Free Deodorants

Finding a good, reliable deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum can be difficult.  It is a primary ingredient that is used to prevent sweating.  As it is dissolved in your perspiration, it creates a thin, gel like barrier over your sweat glands that prevents it from being released onto your skin.  Bacteria tend to feed off of your sweat and release stinky odor compounds that cause body odor.  Naturally, no sweat means no body odor.

However, some studies show a possible link to aluminum and breast cancer.  The aluminum is absorbed into the skin and starts to accumulate in the tissue around the underarm.  One study done in the UK sampled 40 tissue samples from breast cancer tumors and found elevated amounts of it in the area closest to the arm pits.  While this study did not take other factors into account, there can be reasonable speculation that it is a contributor at the very least.


Deodorants That Are Aluminum Free

Here is a list of some popular aluminum free deodorant brands that are currently being sold.  They range in price and forms, but are all effective at reducing odor.

Lavanila – A popular natural deodorant that does not use aluminum.  Labeled as a healthy deodorant, Lavanila comes in a variety of scents and does not contain any artificial ingredients.

Body Mint – This deodorant pill uses a formula of chlorophyllin to fight odor.  Chlorophyllin is a derivative of natural chlorophyll and works internally to fight odor.  It does not prevent sweating, but it is quite effective on all odor, including body, breath and foot odor.

The Crystal Rock – Uses natural mineral salts and does not contain any aluminum.

Tom’s Of Maine – A company known for making natural deodorants, Tom’s Of Main uses natural ingredients to prevent sweat and body odor.

Herbal Clear – This deodorant utilizes the power of baking soda and natural clay to reduce body odor and perspiration.

Body Mint Fights Odor Naturally

Body Mint, a natural deodorant, is a product that I came across while doing research on alternative means for reducing body odor.  It caught my attention because it’s quite different from standard deodorant products; it’s a pill.  Not only that, but it’s a pill made from natural ingredients.  It was developed in 2001 in Hawaii.  It gained some attention after being featured on CNN as well as some other national publications.  Generally my first impression was skepticisim.  However, after going through the information, it’s actually quite sound.

It’s active ingredient is chlorophyllin.  For those who aren’t familiar, chlorophyllin is a derivative of chlorophyll.  It’s found in all green plants and is quite healhty for humans in and of itself.  For some unknown reason it has the ability to absorb odor.  I couldn’t find scientific research on why this occurs, but it is used by medicial professionals to this day to treat fecal odor.  Body Mint is a more commercialized version of this.  Packaged as a chlorophyll supplement, it is designed to remove body odor, bad breath and foot odor.

In addition to it’s deodorant capabilities, it’s quite healthy for you.  For one, it doesn’t contain any chemicals or compounds that many deodorants do.  Also, chlorophyllin in general provides unique health benefits other than fighting odor.  It has also been shown to increase the amount of oxygen carried by the blood as well as allowing the body to produce new blood.  Chlorophyllin is often given to women after giving birth for this very reason.  More interesting than all of that though, chlorophyllin has been show to prevent cancer.  That’s right, studies have shown that it is able to bind to free radical carcinogens and safely remove them from the body.

I would highly recommend this product not only as a deodorizer, but as a healthy daily supplement.  More information about Body Mint can be found at: